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Art Art
Paintings, drawings, fantasy and sci fi, surreal, the classics
Astronomy Astronomy
Outer space, planets, stars, nebula, galaxies
Computer Generated Computer Generated
3D graphics, landscapes, fractals, abstracts, minimal
Movies and TV Movies and TV
Favorite movies and TV shows, actors and actresses
Nature Nature
Foliage, flowers, leaves, trees, natural beauty
Photography Photography
Cities, streets, objects, still life and macro
Scenic Scenic
Landscapes, countrysides, beaches, open spaces
Video Games Video Games
Favorite video games, xbox, pc and old school

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Welcome is your one stop shop for desktop backgrounds and computer wallpaper. This is a curated selection of the best images, and we only post backgrounds that we’d use on our own computers! Here you can find beautiful nature and landscape images, digital photos, computer generated artwork, 3D graphics, abstracts and fractals. Also check out the astronomy, movies, video games and fantasy art categories. You can download each image for widescreen or fullscreen displays. And there will never be any popups, intrusive ads or BS.

All desktop backgrounds are sent in by users or are collected from search engines and other sources. All images are for personal, non-commercial use and are copyright the original creator / owner. If you see your image here and would like it removed, please contact us.

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